Decorative Stone

Crushed stone has a number of applications including: decorative landscaping, driveway paving, surface leveling, structural foundations, drainage projects and more. We carry a number of crushed stone varieties in multiple sizes. Ask us which size and type is right for your project. Local delivery is available. Click Here for Delivery Details.

Bag your own Stone

As an alternative to buying a set amount of stone in pre-determined amounts, often at a high cost, we offer this great option.  Fit as much as you can or want in the bag, its all the same price.  We provide the bag and the shovel, you put what you need in it, selecting from one of our bulk stone bins.  Mix and Match if you like, its all the same price!


Our selection of crushed stone includes but is not limited to:

  • Barn Red Stone  3/8”  &  3/4”
  • Gray Driveway Stone 3/8”  &  3/4”
  • Decorative River Rocks  3/4”,  1-3”,  3-5”
  • Yellow Pea Gravel  3/8”
  • Goose Eggs  2”- 4”