Ice Melt

Our ice melt business is rapidly expanding year after year. Our service, professionalism and relationship with our customers have made us one of the leaders in the industry. Our client list ranges from government and city agencies to lumberyards,  snow removal firms and homeowners.

We carry a large selection of all different types of ice and snow melts and we also can deliver full truck loads of bulk rock salt direct to your location.


    Calcium Chloride Crystals™

    Calcium Chloride Crystals™

    • HOT! Calcium chloride based ice melt formulation
    • Fast acting and longer lasting
    • Provides increased traction control
    • Non-tracking
    • Easily dispersed and extended shelf life
    • Variety of packaging types and sizes available


    Merlin Melts Like Magic® Ice Melt

    Merlin Melts Like Magic®

    • Ice melt formulation for residential and commercial applications
    • Brilliant purple color coating for accurate and visible application
    • Easier on the environment
    • Variety of packaging types and sizes available


    Ice Patrol® - Rock Salt Ice Melt

    Ice Patrol® – Rock Salt

    • Economical and effective ice melt
    • Optimally sized granules for maximum performance
    • Ice melt lows freely through commercial spreaders
    • Variety of packaging types and sizes available



    Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt is one of the choice products snow-fighting professionals use for melting ice and snow. It features the low-temperature performance of costly ice melt products and creates an “ice shield” that provides long-lasting, residual effects for additional melting power. Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt is a proprietary blended ice-melt formulation consisting of sodium chloride encapsulated with liquid magnesium chloride and an agriculturally derived corrosion inhibitor. Blizzard Wizard® works at extremely low temperatures and produces long-lasting effects. This proprietary formula delivers outstanding performance while remaining friendly to pets and the environment.


    Blizzard Wizard®


    • Aggressive melting performance
    • Gentle on vegetation
    • Long-lasting residual effects
    • Slow dilution
    • Treated surfaces retain an “ice shield” that can prevent ice and snow from bonding to surfaces